CENTRIC’s Break Out New Series ‘MODEL CITY’


Many of today’s biggest runway superstars have worked promotional modeling jobs before or even at the height of their successful careers.

UrbanBridgez.com told you about the show ‘Model City’ first in May of last year, now get ready to tune in and watch!

Coinciding with the one of the world’s most notable fashion events, New York Fashion Week, CENTRIC brings viewers MODEL CITY, an all-new original series premiering Thursday, February 18 at 8:00 P.M.* Â with an encore broadcast on Monday, February 22 at 8:00 P.M. Â The 30-minute show is the first docu-series of its kind that takes an up-close look into the world of minority male models, and documents their personal experiences being successful in the fashion industry.

MODEL CITY follows the lives of four Black and Latino male models of RED
Model Management-NY, as they work to make a name for themselves while dealing
with the various challenges of “making it” in the female-dominated modeling
industry. Models Wendell, Ibrahim, Nelson, and Zeric grant viewers exclusive
access into their fast-paced lives, and their never-ending 24/7 grind to
become fashion’s elite faces. Â

The series consists of eight 30-minute episodes that examines the contrast of
the model’s glamorous runway lifestyles with the realities of being a black
model — fewer jobs, more competition, as well as the general struggle to
stay on top of the game while handling rejection, exhausting schedules,
jealous girlfriends, and the personal insecurities that can come along with
the job.

MODEL CITY is executive produced by Sean Joell Johnson of LeftCenter
Entertainment and Kelly Welsh of CrossRoads Media in collaboration with
CENTRIC Executive Vice President and General Manager Paxton Baker and CENTRIC
Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development Essie Chambers.

For more on CENTRIC’s MODEL CITY series, please visit centrictv.com.



Blowing the stereotype that male models are “dumb” out of the water, Ibrahim
is a multi-talented artist/painter/martial arts master, who is also a top
black male model. Â Despite his sexy looks which keep him booked on fashion
campaigns and runways, he’s a self-described “intellectual philosopher,” who
is constantly questioning life’s greatest mysteries. Raised in the Nation of
Islam, Ibrahim now lives in an “artist’s collective” commune style building
in Brooklyn with his Panamanian fashion designer/nanny girlfriend. When not
painting in his studio, Ibrahim paints “live” at events around the city and
is currently prepping for his first solo art show. Viewers see he tends to
speak his mind; opinionated and profound, Ibrahim is one of kind.


Popular model on the brink of superstardom, Nelson is one of the top Latin
models in the business today. Â When fashion companies need a hot, edgy,
urban look to be the face of their brand they seek out Nelson for editorial
and campaign bookings. Â Living in Westchester with a house full of
roommates, Nelson goes into the city daily to also work as a hotel concierge
to make ends meet. Â Currently dating an older woman who wants to take their
relationship to a more serious level, Nelson is having a hard time deciding
on whether or not to make a commitment. Â Being able to have your pick of
gorgeous NYC women will do that to you. Â Can this party boy player settle
down and give his all to one woman or will his need for variety be the spark
that sends his relationship up in flames? Nelson definitely has a lot to
handle, but at least we know he will look hot handling it!


Raised in Harlem, 22 year-old Wendell is currently the industry’s “model of
the moment” and has the fashion world buzzing. Â Discovered by RED NYC, a top
tier New York City modeling agency, he’s now a sought after model, who walks
Europe’s runway shows for the likes of Hermes, Thierry Mugler and Kris Von
Assche, while his face can be spotted in high profile campaigns in the States
and abroad. Â Sexy and charismatic, Wendell possesses a confidence bordering
on arrogance, and often boasts of being “the best” with the credentials to
back it up. Â Dating a Victoria’s Secret model and jetting off to Paris at a
moment’s notice is how this supermodel spends his time. Wendell also works
hard to build his growing brand, both on and off the runway. Â With an
interest in acting, this model is about taking his game to the next level.
 Possessing a quick wit, Wendell is not afraid to speak his mind and you
never know what will come out of it.


Openly gay and proud of it, Zeric is an established working model who just
recently signed with RED NYC model agency. Â Single and happily dating, Zeric
is completely comfortable with his sexual orientation and has been out to
friends and family for years. Â Originally from New York, Zeric has been
modeling for several years now and considers his move to RED NYC to be the
career boost he needs to compete among model’s elite. Â Laid back and chill,
Zeric doesn’t consider himself a gay male model, just a male model. Â Not
interested in living his life on the down low, Zeric’s courage in being out
and proud while existing within the sometimes homophobic African-American and
Latin communities often takes a lot of courage and self-acceptance. Â

  1. i love the show, my favorites are windell(and his girlfriend) and zeric. i like ibrahim too even though he comes off as a bitter arrogant model. i hope nelson doesnt leave his girl, – i love windell,i think he makes the show with his facial expressions, my favorite is the one with him and his girl when they househunted and the second guy mentioned kids

  2. favorite is zeric
    ibrahim is so weak. did you see the bootcamp episode when he cockily mentioned he trained at a shaolin temple, yet, did you see his face when holding that jug.AWHAWH

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