Review: Sade ‘Soldier of Love’

Leaving the music scene and returning after a ten year hiatus can be a blessing or a curse. Those who want to remain at the top of the charts do what they can to stay in the limelight while others wait for the right moment.

It’s been nearly ten years since the music industry has heard from the popular British group, Sade. Over the years, the group has released hits such as “Smooth Operator”, “Stronger Than Pride”, and the classic “By Your Side” to name a few. Sade returns with the highly anticipated release, Soldier of Love. While other acts are on the current trends in music, Sade stays true to their ambient sound. Listeners will definitely love the title track (Soldier of Love) where lead vocalist Sade Adu sings to her heart’s content about standing strong for love despite its flaws.

On “BabyFather”, the group gives us some of that laidback Caribbean flavor, Sade’s known for. You can hear tinges of the late Bob Marley which makes the track very enjoyable. Be That Easy, a favorite from the album, reminds you of a nice country song without all the yodeling some country artists tend to do while sing. Adu sings soft, sweet, and sincere. Soldier of Love has so much to choose from although the short disc leaves you wanting more. If Soldier of Love is the beginning of a new era, I can’t wait until the group goes to war.

Download This (standout track): “Morning Bird”

– Dhaani (UBGteam)

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