Mz Berry Wins ‘For The Love Of Ray J 2’


The winner of the popular dating reality show, “For The Love of Ray J 2” has been revealed this week. Mz. Berry was successful in defeating all her rivals in the show and was crowned the winner! The 32 year old Mz. Berry, who is also the oldest contestant of the show, was delighted to win and it is expected that she would live a wonderful life with the hip hop singer Ray J.

Connie Deveaux, who used the name Mz. Berry in the show, is a divorcee and was in search for a relationship that will extend for a long term. It appears that she has found her man in Ray J and should have a happy life together. The singing sensation, Ray J, who has been a heartthrob of several young women, revealed that he had not felt for anyone in the same way as he has felt for Mz. Berry, who is a single mother. The singer also said that he considers that he is the man for whom Mz. Berry waited for so long.

Mz. Berry, who is known to be a little possessive and jealous, has defeated eighteen other contestants of the show, who had not left any stone unturned for winning the love of Ray J. The other finalist of the show, Platinum, who is a young party girl had also tried her best to pursue the singer but failed. It appeared that the singer, who had last year selected a cocktail waitress, wants to spend his life with someone who is seeking a commitment for lifetime.

Make sure to catch the reunion next Monday night on VH1!

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