Plies Preps New Release ‘Goon Affiliated’


When it comes to hip-hop artists, Plies is the realest! After the success of his 2007 RIAA gold debut, The Real Testament, the Ft. Myers, Florida native returned a mere 10 months later with his sophomore release, The Definition of Real. Thanks to the success of his Ne-Yo-assisted #1 single, “Bust It Baby Part 2,” Plies once again struck RIAA gold, selling over 500,000 copies of The Definition of Real. Then, within just six short months of The Definition of Real, Plies returned with his third disc, Da REAList, which along with his previous albums did rather well on the Soundscan Charts. Plies described this amazing fete by saying “I’ve been blessed to be able to come back with three albums in 16 months…I feel like it’s something that hadn’t been done in the new era.” With that said, Plies is now on the brink of debuting his 4th studio album to date entitled “Goon Affiliated” which he has described as his best album to date and will be his first album to feature hip-hop collaborations. In Stores and Online March 23rd! Stay tuned for more details!

In addition to his new release, Plies is also focused on his foundation. Big Gates & Plies Power of Visions Inc is a registered non-profit foundation established in 2008 by Ronell “Big Gates” Levatte and his brother national recording artist Plies. The foundations main objective is to support the educational endeavors and life skills of the disenfranchised youth throughout their primary educational experience, specifically first graders up to high school. The foundation also provides those who have been and continue to be affected by the negative impacts of the prison system with preventative governance and societal transitioning support through fundamental assistance and legal aid.

In addition, Big Gates and Plies Power of Visions focus on promoting activities for the youth and disenfranchised by providing educational forums, classes, workshops, trainings, mentorship, cultural experiences and other charitable activities with the goal of promoting a more functional, productive and just community. According to a published senate report in September of 2000, 70 percent of children of incarcerated parents will become involved with the criminal justice system unless effective intervention strategies are set in place.

The preventative measures implemented by Big Gates and Plies Power of Visions are strategically aimed at combating incarceration, encouraging educational greatness, economic empowermentand assisting the youth in defining their Power of Vision. Fore more info:

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