Rayvon Set To Make Major Moves With Forthcoming Album in 2010


What would you do if you have a proven track record of making hits and was loved by millions of fans? You create a new album and start your own music label, right? That’s exactly what Rayvon did this year and the result is “Back It Up” the debut single set for release for Tuesday, January, 26, 2010 from the forthcoming album set for release in early spring on GTC ENTERTAINMENT via MDI DISTRIBUTION. This project promises to showcase the creative and distinctive sides of the talented recording artist who has been SHAGGY’s long-time music partner (and still is!) and was featured on Shaggy’s hit single, “Angel” from the multi-million-selling MCA album, HOTSHOT.

With the growing popularity of singers (RIHANNA) and Hip Hop Recording artists (Sean Kingston) hailing from the islands close by, the Barbados born Rayvon (who later moved to Brooklyn at the age of 12) first hit the music scene running when he and Shaggy linked up with dancehall beat master, Sting, Int’l. He produced “Big Up”, the tune that propelled the duo to a higher level of exposure in the mid- 90’s. “Nice and Lovely”and a few other minor hits followed, allowing Rayvon and Shaggy the opportunity to tour.

“At the time, I was working for UPS,” Rayvon remembers. “One day I got an offer to do a 2-week tour and I’d used up all of my sick leave and vacation days. So I took a formal leave of absence from the job and I still haven’t returned”.

Then Shaggy’s remake of the Folkes Brothers’ classic rock steady hit, “Oh Carolina” became an international sensation, catapulting the duo on several rounds of world tours, including the Caribbean, the US, Japan, Australia and Europe. Rayvon also branched out to include solo work. His first solo single, “No Guns No Murder” (produced by Frankie Cutlass and Funkmaster Flex) was a massive summer hit that resulted in a debut album, HEAR MY CRY on Virgin Records. The album received critical acclaim and Rayvon received accolades from both the dancehall and hip hop communities. In addition to Rayvon’s solo career, he and Shaggy kept the world party going with international hits like, “In The Summertime”, which rose to #3 on the U.K. music charts and was featured on Shaggy’s Grammy Award Winning album, BOMBASTIC. A few years later, Rayvon and Shaggy were pushed to “dizzying’ heights with the huge success of “Angel”. The most played record of 2001 saw the ground-breaking duo on every possible television show, ranging from kid’s morning shows to Late Night With David Letterman.

As a solo artist Rayvon chose to broaden his musical landscape with the addition of hip hop and roots reggae to his already proven smooth Dancehall/R & B sounds on “Back It Up” and the forthcoming (untitled) CD.

Angela “Majette” David- President at GTC Entertainment and Laurie Montgomery, President of MDI Distribution are confident that Rayvon’s R&B and Reggae/Hip Hop style will appeal to CD buyers and Digital down loaders here in the US and abroad. The music label is now preparing a creative marketing/promotion/internet campaign that will involve street promotion strategies in various markets, as well as an extensive national retail campaign for the album. Rayvon will continue to Tour with Shaggy in 2010, but will appear on television media outlets in various markets and conduct radio, newspaper and internet interviews in support of his new CD. The label and marketing company, Soundcheck INC., (listen to single here www.soundcheckny.com ) is also gearing up to present a national BACK IT UP CALENDAR GIRL and VIRAL VIDEO CONTEST surrounding the release date of the single with winners announced on the release date of the full CD (MORE DETAILS TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON)

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