R&B Singer ‘Jarvis’ Preps New Release; Hear New Song

In every generation, the world is blessed with an individual who manages to capture the hearts and lives of people around the world. Whether it’s based on talent, looks or a combination of both, this individual manages to exude a magnetic presence about himself, that leaves a slew of adoring fans, with an unquenchable thirst for more. Some like to refer to this individual as a celebrity, other’s like to call him a superstar. He is, undeniably both..,You may call him “JARVIS “.

Jarvis Shaffer to be exact, a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, this 20 year old singing sensation has made his way to Atlanta, Ga. where he now resides and is rapidly becoming one of the latest, and most sought after artists to emerge from the musical metropolis. Inspired by his sibling after watching her perform at a local talent event, Jarvis knew at that moment, that he too desired to make the stage his second home. “The way she worked the stage and the crowd, was amazing” he says. The desire to make that dream a reality was ignited during a family road trip. “I remember singing this song that was on the radio and my family kept telling me how great I was right then, I knew.” At only 12 years old, Jarvis would begin to charter the path that would make his dream a reality, performing at local events, winning numerous talent competitions and shutting down stages, wherever he was able to grace the crowd with his presence. It was only shortly thereafter, that Jarvis would get his big break. By way of a family member who worked in the music industry, Jarvis would be able to meet and be signed with Jermaine Dupri. Excited by the opportunity to meet and work with so many celebrities, as well as the true power players in the music industry, Jarvis knew without a doubt that this is where he wanted to be. It was also during that same time that Jermaine Dupri, would leave his label, and Jarvis would be obligated to a contract and record deal, that would present itself as an obstacle.

Left with talent a dream, and a deal gone sour, Jarvis had the support of his family and friends, and surrounded himself with positive individuals, and that was all the encouragement he needed along with his drive and passion for music, to fulfill his dream. As fate would have it, Jarvis established a working relationship with Mace (StarStruck Management), who at the time was a very good friend, it was through their conversation during a basketball game, that the two realized, what had just taken place. “We both had the same vision and I trusted him completely.” Indeed it was definitely a relationship written in the stars and signed by destiny, because no sooner had Mace and Jarvis agreed on a management relationship, that Jarvis would be signed with Atlanta based Disturbing Tha Peace Records, powered by a music mogul himself Hip Hop Super Star: Ludacris. Though what was initially a meeting to discuss another member of the DTP family getting on a track with Jarvis, Chaka (Ludacris’ manager) heard the record that Mace had given him and liked it so much, that Ludacris immediately jumped on the track. The song ” Pretty Girl ” was ready to go and began quickly making its way to radio stations across the country, becoming one of the biggest hits of the summer and the rest as they say is history.

With amazing singing, dancing, acting abilities, and looks that would make many of today’s top male models want to change their profession, Jarvis is much more than just a Triple Threat, Jarvis undoubtedly has the “it factor” and not too may people are blessed with this innate quality. Speaking of such on one of his favorite tracks from his highly anticipated debut “Good Look” is a swagger inspired track, that will leave you too feeling confident and have you embracing your swagger, celebrating YOU. With a sound that can be described as Rhythm and Blues, Pop Soul, Jarvis is giving fans more than just one sound and one beat. Jarvis is showing his ability to be versatile and generating great music for ALL AUDIENCES. One would have to know, not to expect anything short of a stellar musical career from Jarvis, working with the likes of Jazze Pha, Daron (of 112), R.L.(formerly of NEXT), Madd Scientist and many more. Jarvis’ highly anticipated upcoming album, is one that is sure to make its way into the hands of millions around the world, leave each and every fan, knowing that Jarvis’ album is what they have been waiting for.

A great person and a magnificent artist, Jarvis has been quoted as saying “I want to create a legacy, become a great entertainer and be known as a great person, becoming legendary and helping others along the way is what I strive for.” Jarvis is doing just that, touching the lives and hearts of people around the world. One had better lace up and put on his/her running shoes, to keep up with this musical prodigy, Jarvis is at the head of the race, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Jarvis has made his presence known all others please step aside and make way for a legend in the making.

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New Jarvis Album Spring 2010!

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