IYAZ ‘Replay’ (Official Video)

Iyaz‘s Single “Replay” is currently #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and Officially Certified Platinum!

Now Check out The Official Video!

Check out behind the scenes pics from the video.

“IYAZ’s songwriting style is timeless and universal,” says J.R. Rotem, the in-demand songwriter and producer crafted most of the tracks on IYAZ’s (whose real name is Keidran Jones) album, which will be released by Reprise Records. “IYAZ is a storyteller who paints visual scenarios that tug at the listener’s heart-strings,” says Rotem, who also discovered pop sensation Sean Kingston. In fact, it was Kingston who first stumbled across IYAZ’s MySpace page in May 2008, liked what he heard, and recommended him to Rotem, who has also worked with 50 Cent, Britney Spears, and Rick Ross.

Many of IYAZ’s songs are about women. “Heartbeat” is about how the right girl can make his heart race; hands shake, and stomach flutter. For “Find A Way,” IYAZ wrote about surviving tough times in a relationship. “You’re just telling her, that you really want to make it work.”

IYAZ understands that struggle firsthand, because the music business has been challenging for his love life. Instead of cultivating a relationship, he’s busy in the studio or touring. But when things get to be too much, IYAZ can always return to his other great love: motorcycles. He just hops on one of his dirt bikes and rides off into the Floridian sunset!


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