Commentary: American Music Awards Wrap-Up!

Commentary: American Music Awards Wrap-Up!
– Dhaani (UBGteam)

Lopez suffers “bou-bou” in Louboutins performance!

Los Angeles, CA – During last night’s telecast of the American Music Awards, singer Jennifer Lopez took a tumble. Performing her new single Louboutins from yet untitled LP, Lopez started out strong with a boxing-themed performance forewarning competition she’s ready to battle on the charts once again. Just before her dance break into her outfit change, Lopez slipped and fell but managed to rebound quickly as if it were part of the act.

Janet Jackson started off the American Music Awards doing her signature medley including newest track, “Make Me” in ode to her latest release Number Ones. To some, Jackson seemed a little off including the Pocahontas-like outfit which distracted viewers. Not sure what inspired that giddy up but Janet came through eventually wowing the audience.

It all was about her brother Jermaine. Is it me but when her brothers come around Janet isn’t nowhere to be found. Jermaine is up on stage being the camera whore he is and bringing his royal court with him. JERMAJESTY, really Jermaine? Just a hot mess!

Why did the American Music Awards keep saying “the return of Rihanna” as if she were gone for a long time? Didn’t we just hear her on the radio five minutes ago? When she came out in a hot Jean Paul Gaultier-like outfit, I just knew Rihanna was going to turn it out. She start talking about this wait is over mess and I just wanted to rub that big ass forehead to see what she was thinking. Instead of it her album being titled “Rated R”, it should be titled “Rated PG” for please girl (sit down).

Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert all veterans of the American Idol franchise performed their new singles. Throughout each of their performances I just wanted to put cotton balls in my ears. None were really impressive. Didn’t Kelly Clarkson look like she ate Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken? Vocally she was alright but she became bland after a few minutes. Carrie Underwood, who in the hell knows what she was singing. I was trying to figure out why she was moving so slow across the stage. Was she wearing an adult diaper? It was a cheesy Idol performance.

What’s with people creating “shock moments” instead of allowing them to happen naturally? Boys kissing boys, bondage, band-aids or whatever the hell it was, I wasn’t impressed by Adam’s performance. I saw this same mess with Britney and Madonna years ago on MTV’s Video Music Awards. The song was lackluster and I don’t know why he was even chosen to perform on the show. What a waste of air time.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys had one of the good performances of the night. Although I appreciate the love to New York, Alicia could have saved that Tony Bennett mess for the Oscars. It immediately turned me off. This isn’t the school play, this is the big leagues! Once they got the performance going it was fantastic. As for Alicia performing this new material, all I could say is “Try Sleeping with Some Earplugs”. Not Feeling that or the chandelier she wore as a shirt.

Although Beyonce was missing from the AMA’s I could have swore I saw some Single Ladies-like swagger jacking going on. It was a hype performance, but I’m just saying.

The Black Eyed Peas have had a fantastic year but I wasn’t impressed with their performances either, especially member Fergie. Why does she have to scream when she sings? If we can hear you on TV, they sure as hell can hear you in the front row. I love Will but the Gumby hair piece was not nice. I did however love how they meshed the classic Nirvana tune Teen Spirit with Boom Boom Pow.

The highlights of the night included Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston. How I love these two. Mary ripped the stage singing her new tune “I Am”. Mary showed those young ones how singers are supposed to sing. She didn’t need the theatrics, just a microphone where she held her own.

To all those saying Whitney’s voice will never be the same, get over it. She shut it down last night and performed a perfect song to highlight her troubles. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” spoke volumes to a lot of people in the audience and it moved them to tears. People are actually proud of her triumph. I loved it…Go Whitney!


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