New Music Friday: ‘Minnesota Spotlight’

For over 30 years, Minneapolis, MN has been the melting pot for musicians vying for a place among music’s elite. It’s birthed legendary artists such as Prince, Morris Day & The Time, and legendary production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to name a few. Someone else looking to gain notoriety is newcomer Poison IVY.

Poison IVY, a native to the Twin Cities, was surrounded by music as a child. Being exposed to stars on stage and backstage early on, she never realized music flowed through her soul. She noticed an ever growing affinity for writing leading her to write poetry and other forms of literature. Since poetry was her first love, IVY couldn’t stop putting life’s emotions on the pad.

Almost five years ago after maturing her craft, IVY noticed her material began taking the shape of songs. Family and friends around her noticed it and began pushing IVY to go further. She went on to create her first three verse song and gained courage to perform in front of audiences.

IVY currently heads up a budding non-profit organization titled “We Must Be Heard”, an organization geared towards putting Minneapolis artists back on the map. By networking and using resources, dreams will come true for a lot of Minneapolis’s unheard artists.

IVY is currently managed by Aries of Urban Bridgez Group who has worked on marketing for recording artists Faith Evans, Monica, 702, Brandy, Ray J and Shanice. Aries and IVY have known each other since grade school & she has the honor of being the first artist signed to UBG. Preparing herself for the road to stardom, IVY wants people to know “she’s no gimmick and she’s creating music straight from the heart.”

IVY is currently putting the finishing touches on her Mixtape “Heels & Hoodies” expected to drop early 2010 — With a full album release to drop Summer 2010.

Minneapolis fans come & check IVY out December 9th at The Loft for the Twin Cities Battle of The Bands!

Preview IVY:
“Hater Blockerz” w/ A.D. (out of Atlanta)
“Apologies” [download]

For More Information:
Official UBG MySpace


Minnesota-based urban singer/songwriter & producer Chrishan made a name for himself in late 2007 with the smash single “2 Late 4 Us.” Now 2009, Chrishan plans to put Minnesota music on the scene with his debut major label single “Trick Look At Me Now” featuring “Thicka Than A Snicka” rapper Meech.

Originally a Toledo, Ohio native, Christopher Dotson aka Chrishan grew up in an very musical family including “The Dotsons” an all-family singing group which bred soul singer and cousin Lyfe Jennings.

Shortly after moving to Minnesota at the age of 10, Chrishan began to pursue music heavily with the help of his father. His father, also passionate about music, crafted the r&b singer and eventually gave him a studio of his own.

Shortly after graduating the High School for Recording Arts in 2007, Chrishan began heavily pursuing his music career on his own, creating an internet buzz that rivaled even the most popular artists of today. With a marketing and promotional genius, Chrishan released his first independent single at age 17, selling over 15,000 units and catching the attention of many record label execs.

Trick Look At Me Now” is the first single from Chrishan’s debut album, slated for a late 2009 release. The track was leaked in April 2009 and was an immediate success. The once Pop/RnB crossover, was now the gritty, soulful “bad boy” of R&B.

I think one of the reasons why the song has had this success is because everyone was looking for a stress reliever“, says Chrishan. “I think sometimes people want to hear the blunt, uncut truth, and I’m not gonna sugar-coat R&B.”

Taking after the likeliness of older cousin “Lyfe Jennings,” Chrishan vows to deliver an “untold side of friendship, love and hate.”

Preview Chrishan:
“Break Ur Heart”

For More Information:
Official MySpace

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