Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster” Album Review

Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster” Album Review
By Josiah Heyward (UBGteam)

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is back and she’s here to stay. The New York bred pop star is ready to release her new album The Fame Monster on November 23rd. Fans new and old will enjoy this new offering that Gaga considers her sophomore album. Even though being toted as a re-release, The Fame Monster will include eight new original songs. The album will be offered in various different formats. Due to the unfortunate economic conditions, Gaga wanted to make sure that all of her fans can afford to buy her new music. Therefore, she is releasing a $7.99 version of The Fame Monster which includes all eight original tracks. For those looking to buy The Fame Monster & The Fame (her previous album) Deluxe bundle, it will cost a reasonable $17.99. And of course Gaga didn’t forget about her stans. She is releasing The Fame Monster Super Deluxe Edition CD for $95.00 which will include various Gaga artwork, pictures, collector edition items and a locket of Gaga’s hair. It seems like she has all bases covered when considering the music buying public.

The Fame Monster is a true musical treat and definitely rivals her debut effort, The Fame. From beginning to end, listeners don’t have to worry about hitting the skip button to avoid album fillers. There are no album fillers. Each song is well crafted, well-written and the production is top notch. The album opener, “Bad Romance” kicks things off on a high-note and picks up where Gaga’s previous hits “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Love Game,” and “Paparazzi” left off. Already a “fan favorite,” the video for “Bad Romance” received 2.3 million views at the end of its first day on YouTube. The video now has over 11.2 million views. Not bad for a video that’s already being considered “Video of the Year.” The next two songs “Alejandro” and “Monster” are produced by Gaga’s go-to producer, Red One. The production duo hit these two songs out of the ball park while having all bases loaded. “Alejandro” is very reminiscent of old-school Madonna and “Monster” has a very catch hook making both songs single-ready. “Speechless” which was written entirely by Gaga (and produced by Ron Fair), is a nice ballad and definitely serves as the transition point on the album. The pop-diva shows off her vocal range and puts to end those rumblings that she’s not a singer. “Dance in the Dark” is another hot track followed by the albums second single, “Telephone” featuring Beyonce. If you haven’t heard this song already, you must be living under a rock. “Telephone” actually leaked last week at the same time as Beyonce’s “Video Phone (Extended Mix) featuring Lady Gaga.” Rodney Jerkins produced “Telephone” and definitely proves why he continues to remain one of today’s relevant music producers. This song has number one hit written all over it. “So Happy I Could Die” is another Red One production assisted by Space Cowboy (google them if the name is not familiar). This is another hot record that blends nicely into the albums close out track. “Teeth” serves as the perfect ending with production credits belonging to Mr. Teddy Riley. This song is definitely something different from Gaga and heavily displays her versatility and willingness to take a risk while continuing to express her art form through music.

Make sure you go pick up this album as I’m sure it will be one of 2009’s most talked about releases.


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