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Kadis and Sean (known as The Chase) are easily the hottest up & coming producers in the game right now. From Boston, MA, the duo has already created hits for G-Unit & 50 Cent, Donell Jones, Busta Rhymes and their artist Audio Push. The duo who is currently in the lab with Brandy, Keke Palmer and Pussy Cat Dolls to name a few.

Two excellent ballers, Kadis & Sean first met at the court on opposing teams. After stints at Howard University for Sean (Music/Music Business) and the University of Hartford for Kadis (Music Business), each heard the buzz about the others nice production skills. After testing each other out, they realized that Sean’s fly, melodic keyboard arrangements and Kadis’ innovative driven & thumpin beats made for a dynamic partnership. However being educated in music business, the duo knew that pursuing a production career was only part of realizing their ambitions. Aware of the benefits of business ownership, beneath their music lay the burgeoning need to head their own conglomerate; the birth & formation of RozMusic Ent was born.

In this exclusive interview with UrbanBridgez.com, as apart of our anniversary interview series! Sean from Kadis & Sean talked to Aries about their creative process for making hits, changes they would make in the music industry, how they started working with Brandy for her new album and much more! Read all about these talented guys and be prepared to continue to see their name in the credits of your favorite artists, because this is only the beginning!

UrbanBridgez.com: Let’s start with the work you did on Kevon Edmonds new album, which is incredible. How did you guys team up with Kevon and what was the best part about working with him?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Oh man Kevon is great! He comes from a huge musical family, obviously from his brothers and other members of his family. He wanted to do a more urban kinda current sound for his new album. And our manager who’s friends with him, kinda gave us the opportunity to give the direction of what that album was going to sound like. He came to Boston and we cut about 4 records, then we cut 2 more in California. We have the title track which is Who Knew, If I Cry, April Fools and Ain’t Nothing New. All melodic records, all great music. We were able to reach the goal we wanted for him.

UrbanBridgez.com: How did you two meet and get started in music?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Originally Kadis and I met on the basketball court in Boston. In Boston that’s kinda what we did, it was either play basketball or be on the streets. So we would always see each other on the courts and stuff. Then as we got to college a mutual friend of ours wanted us to hook up because we both did music. So when I went to our friends house and it was him it was like oh wow. We both have a background in music, that’s why it works. I’m a musical person, I play the piano. I’m not classically trained or anything, and Kadis is very much percussion and drums and stuff. So we’ve been working together every since.

UrbanBridgez.com: What’s the latest with Audio Push?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): The album is done. We completed that. We also did a mixtape. It’s called The SOUNDCHECK. The promo I did for the mixtape is to really prepare the world for what’s to come. And to also show that they’re just not a jerkin group. These guys are amazing, so musically they were able to really push the limit. They’re amazing writers, they’re amazing entertainers. So that’s what’s going on with them. They’ll be touring and performing with Chris Brown.

UrbanBridgez.com: What are you guys creative process when you go into the lab to work on a new track?

Sean (Kadis & Sean): It changes and varies per artists. I think ultimately, I think our signature has been able to cater to the artist at hand. Whether it’s 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Audio Push, whatever it is we’re able to really give them what they need at that time. Also what they’ll need in the future. So we’ll work from scratch or we’ll have some ideas here and there. It starts out with the beat game, doing beats all day and then sending them out. Then we realized to reach a better level we have to be a little more organtic and focused. That’s really how it works.

UrbanBridgez.com: Let’s talk about Brandy, one of my favorite singers in the world. What can fans expect from the work you guys are doing with her for the next album?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Wow, we’re really going in man! The first song we ever did with Brandy in person, because we’ve had stuff where she’s liked other tracks and stuff. But we had never worked directly with her. She actually came in and is featured on an Audio Push song called “Aviator.” So she came in and did the hook for that song and that lead to us going in directly with her. The first song is an amazing record called “Silent Night.” You’ll hear and can expect a much deeper and much more authentic Brandy. Similar to what she was in the beginning, but not as commercialized. It’s raw, there’s energy there! It’s real music, real lyrics…She’s very much involved! In everything we’ve done (for her project) and will be. Everything we’ve done has been from scratch, so she’s very involved in the creative process. So you’ll be able to feel the music more so than just listen to it sonically.

UrbanBridgez.com: If you guys could change something about the music industry, what would it be?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): I would change the fallacy that you have to be “somebody” to be talented and excepted. Because that’s just crap, you know what I mean. At the end of the day people that are on top, didn’t start out on top. Not to disrespect what they’ve done, because I believe we’ll be their shortly as well. But I just believe that a hit record and a real record beats out any gimmick any day! It’s not just because of the economy that music sales are down, people just don’t want to buy the crap that’s out. There’s no integrity, no authenticy behind it, there’s no feeling or emotion. What they think and misjudge as emotion is just a polished album cover or a polished auto-tunes voice. Technology has just really like taken over the soul of music. I would change that!

UrbanBridgez.com: Have you guys ever did a song for someone, then later wished you would have given it to another artist?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Oh yeah, all the time (laughs). All the time man, I’m not going to name who those artists are, but yeah it happens. But at the same time, you have to be grateful for even an artist taking your record and buying it and doing what they do. But there are certain records that we wished could of reached a little higher. You win and you lose, you know.

UrbanBridgez.com: Steph Jones is another incredible artist you guys work with, what’s the latest on his project?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Steph is very much in the creative process right now. He did a mixtape, we only did one record on that. But there is so much more that we have with him and that’s to come. Steph is like a real eccentric artist that we kinda have to mold and figure out exactly what his lane will be. But I will tell you, with Steph we’ll be able to put him in a category kinda like shock value! Create that Lady Gaga type shock value, and once we create that with him I think he has all the tools to run with it. I think he’s a star, it’s just a matter of how that stardom is molded into a music form and how it’s excepted.

UrbanBridgez.com: What’s next for you guys?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Right now with our company, we’re looking to expand and look for that next artist. We just finished up the Keke Palmer project, which was a great project to work on and be apart of. She could easily be the next Whitney Houston. That big just total package. A lot of people don’t think she can sing as well as she can, we’ve been kinda able to bring that out. We’ll be going in with the Pussy Cat Dolls soon and basically whatever else is on our plate we try to tackle. With us it’s more or less focus projects, we like to focus on things that we have a strong hold on, so we can give the best of Kadis and Sean as well!

UrbanBridgez.com: Any last words for your fans?
Sean (Kadis & Sean): Go download the Audio Push mixtape, The SOUNDCHECK! It’s a free download, you can go to www.myspace.com/audiopush. Roz Music Ent our website is coming soon, so stay tuned to that. Follow us on Twitter. Check out our YouTube Channel Roz World, new videos all the time. Just stay tuned, we really go hard. We’re really humble people, we’re really trying to bring back the respect in music.

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