Chris Brown Faces His Fans for the First Time

As reported on, Chris Brown taped an episode of 106 & PARK on Tuesday, November 10 which will air on Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 6 P.M.* Interviewed by 106 & PARK co-host Rocsi Diaz, Chris discussed the steps he’s taking to move forward; the domestic abuse that occurred in his home and how his fans are responding to him now.

On understanding the extent of what happened: “…with the situation…it’s not something you could take lightly and not something you could push under the rug…it’s a really serious situation and it’s something that I regret and I wish I didn’t do it.”

On being questioned about his sincerity in previous interviews: “…I just feel like at the end of the day I’m human…I can only tell you how I personally feel…I can’t make everybody love me, but I can just try… and I can honestly say that I am sorry.”


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