Friday Rookie Spotlight: AJ Hernz


Born and raised in Laredo, Tx, Albert J. Hernandez (AJ Hernz) was an inspired dancer at the early age of 4. By the age of 5 Albert had entered his first dance contest in Laredo, Tx for the Hip-Hop radio station 106.1. There was no challenge amongst the other competitiors, Albert’s early victory won him eleven bugers, eleven orders of fries and eleven sodas to a resturant named, Glass Kitchen. His fulfilling victory wasn’t enough and the crave to dance only strived Albert to hunger for more competitions. In the year 2000 Albert moved to San Antonio, where he resides now with his Mother Ofelia.

By the age of 10 Aj attended Maverick Elementry where he joined the choir class and was introuduced to singing. The many inspirations such as, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Usher, Chris Brown, Omarion, Justin Timberlake, Trey Songz, The Dream and Neyo have all taken a huge roll on his future of becoming a World Wide Musical Entertainer. Soon after moving from Laredo to San Antonio, Tx in 2001, Aj’s parents divorced which took a big toll on him and changed his life. Through out this crucial period of time, the divorce, not only saddened him but effected him emotionally. Aj began to express how he felt through secretly writing poems refelecting on his life and the circumstances that surrounded him. Immediately following his written poems he began to seek a different way of expressing himself through writing more and composing songs.

Along with the music, Albert is actively involved with a dance crew by the name of Eurythmicz aka iEURY. The crew consist of Tyrone Cabalo aka Jazpuh Choreographer/Leader, Aj Hernz Choreographer/Leader, Matt Sepulveda aka Spazym and Samantha Arevalo aka Buck. In the year of 2008 Tyrone and Aj Hernz came across eachother and discussed eachothers vision for the dance crew, as soon as they got on the same page the strive and hunger for dance enlarged and only opened doors for show oppurtunities around the city. The Eurythmicz Dance Crew has performed at many shows, but one that highlights their consistency is the performance at the Beat Bash 3 in 2008, The Biggest Hip Hop Concert Event in the city of San Antonio hosted by 98.5 The Beat. That performance really set them as one of the several elite dance crews in the city. Aj Hernz is currently working on more songs and at this point planning out his 1st R&B/Pop mixtape expected to drop in early this year.

Aj Hernz is seeking success through the music industry and is a firm believer that all things are possible with God by your side and the love & passion for music. He gives special thank you’s to everyone who has believed in him, people who inspired him, and all his FANS which he appreciates and loves dearly. Be on the lookout for Aj Hernz, this is only the beginning.

Check Out His New Single: “Can’t Wait” feat. B Hamp!

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