Roy Hamilton III Brings Number One Hits to Solo Debut


Throughout music history, producers and others behind the success of the hit-making process have stepped into the limelight. Likewise, many celebrities have dipped into the shadows of their stardom to hone their business skills. Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III is a rare performer who has both true musicality and business acumen on his side, and he is ready for everything to come full circle in his career.

As he prepares to unleash his debut solo album The Last Monarch/The MA-Day on May 3, 2010, music fans will see how Hamilton fuses multiple abilities as a songwriter, performer, producer, composer, director and businessman.

With an impressive discography of work to his name, the young producer is currently on the Billboard charts with the R.Kelly R&B/Hip Hop Top Ten hit “Number One” featuring Keri Hilson, which Roy co-produced with his brother Raphael “RiffRaff” Hamilton. The song will be featured on R.Kelly’s Untitled album, hitting stores on December 1, 2009. Roy has also just produced a remix to “Number One,” which is available on his official websites.

The first wave of Roy Hamilton III’s solo music will be exposed through the MA-Day micro-mixtape series, counting down from III (to be released December 1, 2009) to I. Hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Do-It-All, the micro-mixtapes will spotlight original material from Hamilton’s vast catalogue of music, accompanied by lively videos for each track.

The official first single from The Last Monarch/The MA-Day will be Hamilton’s self-aware anthem “The Invisible Man.” He will also release the online reality series Royality TV, which will take people behind-the-scenes for the process of bringing his talents to the forefront.

Born into a musically involved family in New York and raised in New Jersey, Roy Hamilton III was discovered by R.Kelly when he was just 17-years-old. He went on to work with Teddy Riley, Babyface and other mentors, and has produced songs for the likes of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Keith Sweat, Day 26, Nas and more. His earliest work includes Kelly Price’s #1 R&B remix for “Friend of Mine” featuring R.Kelly and Ronald Isley, and the #1 Pop hit “Stutter” for Joe. He also served as the band director for two Cheetah Girls tours.

By the time he was 24, Roy was appointed as Director of A&R for Capitol Records, the youngest African-American ever to take the position. During his tenure, Hamilton helped to develop projects for LeToya Luckett, MIMS, J.Holiday, Chingy and more.

A key element that keeps Roy Hamilton III fresh on the corporate side of music is an open attitude about technology. “I’m very in line with what’s going on in terms of the transition from physical to digital music distribution,” he asserts. “I have something I’m working on right now which I think will be one of the main driving forces as far as how music is delivered. I’m a man of the people, so I’ve been listening to what my non-industry friends have to say, and I’ve been listening to those in the music business complain about how they’re losing their jobs. I think I’m going to help be the balance.”

Hamilton’s confidence is not without merit, and his tangible passion for music is infectious. “It’s beyond me, but I’ve been lined up for this moment for years,” he explains. “I feel like it’s been carved out for me to become an executive and have number one songs to my credit, and to have worked with all of these amazing producers and business people who have mentored me. Now I’m pretty much just a super artist. I know what I want, and I’m comfortable in my skin. I’ve watched a lot of artists make mistakes… I’m still a student of the game, but I’m going for my Masters right now.”
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