Brandy Taking it Back to The Beginning with New Release recently caught up with Sean from from the production team Kadis & Sean for our anniversary interview series, starting November 2nd! We asked him about the upcoming Brandy album they’re currently working on. “We’re really going in!” You’ll hear and can expect a much deeper and much more authentic Brandy. Similar to what she was in the beginning, but not as commercialized. It’s raw, there’s energy there!” Sean also says about working with Brandy on her upcoming album, “It’s real music, real lyrics…She’s very much involved! In everything we’ve done (for her project) and will be. Everything we’ve done has been from scratch, so she’s very involved in the creative process. So you’ll be able to feel the music more so than just listen to it sonically.”

The production teams artist Audio Push, was scheduled to release their mixtape “The SOUNDCHECK” yesterday, however it’s still not on their official MySpace:
Brandy can be heard singing the hook on the song “Aviator.” The huge hit “Teach Me How To Jerk” as well as the “Ice Cream Paint Job Remix,” is also featured on the mixtape.

Read the full interview with Kadis and Sean on November 6th on

In other Brandy news, she will introduce her new alter-ego Bran’Nu on Timbaland‘s upcoming “Shock Value II” being release on November 23rd. Brandy will also be on the new Snoop Dogg album “Malice N Wonderland,” she’s featured on the track “Special” along-side Pharrell. Snoops album will be in stores December 8th!

Brandy’s New Album is Expected Sometime Next Year!


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