Olivia Returns w/ New Single & Album to Follow


Olivia is BACK with her new single Take It Off (listen under new music tab). Deciding to move pass G Unit and do it on her own she is ready to Show The World with the release of her new album – Coming Soon!

Olivia is not only a singer/songwriter but composer, producer, arranger and much more. What a lot of people don’t know is that while most little girls were playing with dolls Olivia was using her play time to write music and poetry instead. She realized very early on that she truly had a passion for the arts. This Jamaican born beauty was a very good student who started writing poetry at the tender age of 10. Her first work was published in the book ‘Shadows and Light” and was then inducted into the National Library of Congress just four years later. Even though she loved poetry her passion was to pursue music. Olivia always knew she wanted to be a vocalist and singing at her parents’ church on Sunday’s made her appreciate the beauty of being able to sing. Her family decided to allow her to explore her musical abilities by taking guitar, piano and vocal training lessons. After a very short period of time they realized she was a natural! Olivia was ready to pursue her dream of becoming a recording artist and a songwriter. Even though Olivia’s vocal ability was almost impossible to ignore her parents believed that a quality education came first.

She graduated from Bayside High School in Queens New York and immediately continued her education at Hofstra University. She then transferred to Five Towns College to pursue her passion for the music that she so loved. When she wasn’t attending classes or studying she was working hard in the studio writing and recording music. It took her no time to complete her very first album. Olivia then signed a production deal with Tallest Tree and got an opportunity to work with one of her favorite artist’s R&B Crooner, Joe. Soon after working with Joe, she landed a meeting with a top Arista executive who then introduced Olivia to the world renowned Clive Davis. He was so blown away by the 19 year old Olivia’s vocal ability and raw talent that he decided to sign her right away to her very first record deal at his new label J records. Clive took her under his wing mentoring her and showing her what the music business was all about. Her single “Bizounce” was a hit eventually receiving Gold Certification and in 2000, Olivia’s self titled debut album sold another 300, 000 copies. Clive gave Olivia a tremendous opportunity by signing her as the first artist on J Records, ultimately providing the foundation that has helped to transform her into the super star she is today.

She still holds great respect and admiration for the legendary Clive Davis. After departing from J Records, she quickly signed a second deal at Interscope Records with Jimmy Iovine. Super Producer Dr. Dre and Rap Icon 50 Cent both expressed extreme interest in Olivia once she was on Interscope and both wanted to sign her to their own respective record labels within the Interscope family. 50 Cent prevailed and she soon joined the G Unit family as The First Lady of G Unit. With Chris Lighty and the entire Violator team behind G Unit’s only female r&b artist she quickly flourished. Hits like “Candy Shop” and “Best Friend” brought the sexy singer to every television set all over the world.

The now seasoned Olivia has chosen to take command of her own career. She is more focused than ever before. With the release of her new single, ‘Take It Off’ it is easy to hear Olivia’s beautiful voice and why so many people want to work with her. Touring the world and creating her new album with her loyal fans in mind. The album is a mix of a beautiful sound and great beats with up tempo and mid tempo songs as well as ballads. The album will feature guest appearances by Missy Elliott, Neyo, Bryan Michael Cox, Rockwilder, the incomparable Miss Betty Wright and many more. Olivia is not only busy touring and working on a new album but she’s also creating a clothing line with Victoria’s Secret as well as producing her very own recording artists; rapper Bingo aka “Midnight Chris” and reggae artist Boneyman. The two are her first artists and are expected to release their music later soon under Olivia’s very own label.

Olivia will continue to bang out hits not only for herself but also as a writer for many artists. Her pursuit for the love of music will cement her within the industry for years to come. She will continue to prove that she possesses what it takes to be a star. So sit back relax and enjoy the songstress at her best.


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