Ray J Releases The Film ‘Envy’

E1 Entertainment announces the release of the action film “Envy,” starring R&B superstar Ray J, which hits the shelves on November 10th. The movie is loaded with stars such as AZ (”Belly”), Lisaraye (”Beauty Shop,” “The Player’s Club”), and Maia Campbell (”In The House,” “Poetic Justice“) and is Executive Produced by Dez Walker and Ray J.

Ray J has proven to be more than your average entertainer with roles in movies such as “Steel” (1997), “Mars Attacks!” (1996), and “The Enemy Within” (1994). Ray J began his acting career at age 12 on “The Sinbad Show” and is no stranger to camera. His transition from film to TV back to film has confirmed that Ray J is a force to be reckoned with. Up and coming producer and director Dez Walker showcases how versatile Ray J’s acting abilities are. Known for playing good guy roles, Ray J unfolds a dark, grimy, street persona as this action packed film explodes with jealousy and “ENVY“!

The film “Envy” follows the lives of 2 cousins trying to survive on the crime ridden, drug infested streets of Detroit. Alvin Clawson, ‘AJ’ (Ray J), grows up idolizing the lifestyle of his older cousin Charles Clawson, ‘Caesar’ (AZ). AJ has always been attracted to the streets despite his positive upbringing. As AJ gets older, he quickly finds himself playing a major role in Caesar’s illegal operation. Federal indictments, murders, and betrayal are raging in this world. When Caesar’s position is challenged, a message has to be sent. Caesar comes up with a plan to teach his rivals a lesson. What he doesn’t anticipate is the overwhelming power of greed and jealousy.

This fall season gets a dose of drama from Hollywood’s latest shooting star. Ray J… Don’t hate, just Envy!

Ray J’s latest album, “All I Feel,” features the smash single “Sexy Can I.” The single blew up at radio stations and peaked at #2 in the country at Crossover, #3 at Urban and #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video for “Sexy Can I” was in regular rotation at most every major network including all the MTV channels, VH1 Soul, FUSE and BET.

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