REVIEWS: American Violet on DVD Tomorrow


American Violet is one of the best movies released this year. Based on the true story of Regina Kelly from Hearne, TX. The case led to a change in Texas law. Now, cases cannot be based solely on the claims of a single informant. The film American Violet tells the incredible story of Dee Roberts (Nicole Beharie), a 24 year old single mother of four from Texas. The District Attorney Calvin Beckett (Michael O’Keefe) orders a raid in the housing project where she lives, Dee is arrested along with many others. The plot thickens due to the fact that Dee as well as many others were falsely arrested due to the national elections taking place days later.

The film features incredible acting by newcomer Nicole Beharie (The Express) and legendary actress Alfre Woodard (The Family That Preys) who plays Dee’s mother in the film. Dee is faced with not only proving her innocence and later suing the city & District Attorney, but dealing with the trials and tribulations of being accused of a crime and the effects it takes on a persons life. Specially when a racist District Attorney is making it even harder. A single mother of four, with drama with Darrell (Xzibit) the father of two of her children, only makes matters worse for her in the film. Charles S. Dutton plays Dee’s pastor and is instrumental in helping her get through everything.

This is a very important film to see, make sure you pick up the DVD in stores October 13th!
– UBGteam 5.0

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