The 2009 VMA’s: Commentary by Dhaani (UBGteam)

My goodness, for the first time in about five years this show was actually interesting. From top to bottom it was……interesting.

The MTV Video Music Awards were very special this year not only because it was celebrating the 25th year of the networks premiere but the release of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller and the shocking demise of the pop star.

The Michael Jackson tribute:
How could you not be impressed at the way MTV put together all the dancers, choreographers, and designers who worked with Jackson throughout his career? What made the tribute even more special was the fact his baby sister Janet was going to participate. When the secret was let out of the bag, everyone wondered if she could pull it out without breaking down.

Showtime arrives and the mood is set with dancers opening up the tribute with Thriller, a tribute synchronized with parts from the classic music video. The audience watched in awe as the performers moved into Jackson’s other hits Bad, Beat It, and Smooth Criminal. One of the odd moments from the Smooth Criminal performance was when an unnamed dancer attempted the signature lean Jackson does in the video. Well, he nearly fell and ruined that classic moment.

The stage goes dark and Jackson’s iconic video Scream appears on the screen. You see notable choreographers such as Frank Gatson, Cris Judd, Laurie Ann Gibson and Janet’s ex-choreographer Tina Landon. The enthusiastic crowd goes wild when Janet bursts through the glass and performs live with her brother. It was the dream of all dreams because neither have performed the song live which made this moment much more memorable. Through it all, Janet remained strong although she looked as if she was going to break. She didn’t have to because everyone regardless of where they were sitting was on their feet.

People will give me grief because I stated BET should have had their stuff together in compiling a tribute to Michael. BET has all the resources like everyone else and could have very well honored Michael in a similar way. I know it would have been impossible for his family to get involved but he has a host of friends and admirers.

Random Moments:
It’s been the most talked about moment of the VMA’s and it even overshadowed the Michael Jackson tribute – Taylor Swift and Kanye West. All I could say was bless his heart because he was high off of that Hennessy. It didn’t give him the right to go up there and wreck the new apple-pie princess’ acceptance speech. He not only embarrassed Taylor but Beyonce also. Looking at the moment Beyonce look like she was about to have a case of the #2 blues because he wanted to speak about her having the best video. Poor thing, she was just getting over her Kevin Costner wannabe bodyguard interrupting her interview on the red carpet.
Tracy Morgan and Eminem, I didn’t understand their montages at all. It was a mess all around.

Russell Brand, did they think he would be funny this year? I wasn’t amused by him at all. He was more irritating than comedic.

All the celebs talking trash on Twitter. I thought this was the funniest mess ever. If Kanye is sitting right in front of you, why not state your case? The internet only makes you all look like punks. Pink said she walked by him and gave him a look. That was supposed to do what? Hilarious I tell ya.

Did you all see Lady Gaga’s bird nest on her face? What people will do for attention! It’s a mess!
I was waiting for Han Solo from Star Wars to appear with Jennifer Lopez because that giddy up she had on looked like the Empire Struck her!

The Performances:
The ladies dominated the evening and even had notable performances to back it up. Lady Gaga, known for her weird, eclectic nature, performed her hit “Paparazzi”. Throughout the performance I scratched my head and others I was just like what the hell. It reminded me of cross between Madonna’s 1984 signature “Like a Virgin” performance and her 1990 performance of “Vogue”. I never understood the significance of blood at the end of the performance. I was left with a “WTF” moment.
Beyonce’ graced the stage with laser lights along with her pop that crotch routine. Jay-Z must have told her something before she went on stage because homegirl was working it. She started out her set singing lines from “Beautiful Nitemare” leading into “Single Ladies”. We’ve heard that song all year and it looks like we will continue to hear it into 2010. Whether you hate the girl she always manages to have fun during her set. The funniest thing happened after Beyonce’s set when her little sister (Solange)was singing with the house band featuring Wale. Poor thing didn’t even get an “ooh” out and they cut straight to commercial. She later posted a message on her Twitter saying she was ready to go. Hilarious!

Pink showed off her latest trapeze moves when she performed her hit, “Sober”. Her outfit was very “special” and it even contained a big pink heart pasty. I immediately thought about Lil’ Kim and her Diana Ross boob feel up moment. Hate her or love her Pink knows how to perform and regardless of what position she was in, she sang her behind off.

New York received a lot of love when Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed “Empire State of Mind”. I’ve never been a fan of rap performances but this one was awkward. Keys and Jay-Z were nearing the end of their song when Lil’ Mama comes on stage unexpected. Everyone couldn’t believe how she invited herself on stage and she’s not even a top-tier rapper.

The show over all was very good I thought and well put together compared to years past. I think they should restrict alcohol in the audience and not allow it in the venue at all. These celebrities of today need to learn a bit of classiness as exuded by Beyonce for sharing her moment with Taylor.

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