Evolution can no longer be denied as merely a theory when there is
proof like Marques Houston (formerly known as “Batman”). His fourth
solo effort, Mr. Houston, puts aside the youthful crooning of an
industry playboy to offer his maturing audience what it sounds like to
sing in love.

After releasing Veteran in 2007, Houston took a near two yearlong
hiatus from recording, which he had never done before, and, when
he was ready, told longtime producer and business partner Chris
Stokes that he will be laying down his next album “my way.”

“This is this first album that I’ve done that I’m really, really connected
to because there’s no gimmick.” Mr. Houston explains “Of course I
have tracks that you’re used to,” like the Smash first single “I Love
Her” featuring Jim Jones, and Body. But Houston wanted to give a
different feeling this time with more live instruments—the tickling of
piano keys, the strumming of guitar strings……

Official Tracklisting:
I Love Her
How I Do
Express Lane
Case of You
Say My Name
Sexy Young Girl
Beautiful Woman

Album In Stores & Online September 29th!

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