Aries from UrbanBridgez.com recently spoke to singer/songwriter Avery Storm. Avery speaks on his up-coming debut album, working with some of the best, his upbringing in Jersey and much more!

UrbanBridgez: How did you get started?
Avery Storm: What I was doing was alot of open mic’s. Like Café Wah, Village Underground, Pub 101, all that stuff downtown. I was doing karaoke and things like that. That would be my little side hustle, cash karaoke. From there I just started my networking from open mics and things like that. One thing led to another and it just started opening up doors.

UrbanBridgez: You’ve had some singles out recently, when will you release your album?
Avery Storm: We’re looking at September 29th!

UrbanBridgez: What can fans expect when they listen to your album?
Avery Storm: Something new and fresh! A new spin on things, a new sound and something that we’re all going through right now. You know what I mean…

UrbanBridgez: Exactly, who have you worked with and plan to work with for the album?
Avery Storm: Right now, by way of production I got The Runners, Cool and Dre, Nephew out in L.A., The incredible, JD. I just got a whole lot of production on there. Can’t forget Brian Cox. With guest appearances as of right now, I’m not really that stacked with those. I don’t know if it’s a form of cockiness or something like that. I don’t really think so, but I just really want it to be about me. To be totally honest with you fam. It’s my project so I just want it to be a highlight of myself. I’m gonna keep the features to a minimum I think.

UrbanBridgez: You’re the only R&B artist signed to Nelly’s Derrty Entertainment, do you feel that puts more pressure on you or less?
Avery Storm: No actually. I feel it’s great. I mean either way, I think it is what it is. Regardless of being the one or being ten. You still gotta hold your own regardless of the arena you’re in. It’s just really exciting man!

UrbanBridgez: You’re an incredible songwriter, when did you realize you could actually write a song and not just a song but good songs?
Avery Storm: (laughs) Thanks I appreciate that! To be honest with you, I always wrote songs. Before I knew what I was doing, with what I was writing, I was writing songs. Does that make sense?

UrbanBridgez: Yeah.
Avery Storm: As I was growing and things like that… I would go in the shower and come out with a whole song, melody and all. So I might be walking around the house and my Father caught it one day. And was like damn, you wrote that? And I was like yeah, I just did it in the shower. He was like I don’t know if something is wrong with you or what (laughs). But that’s when I really knew, like damn I can write songs.

UrbanBridgez: How do you think your upbringing in New Jersey, helped prepare you for the music business?
Avery Storm: It help prepare me because, coming up I was faced with alot of diversity. Different situations, different scenarios, different test. You know trials and tribulations and things like that. The music industry is alot of that stuff, alot of ups and downs. I think life coming up, was like that for me. So it just prepared me for what’s to come. I’m kinda on the natural progression of things, ya know.

UrbanBridgez: You’ve been in the game for while now, what has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face in the music industry?
Avery Storm: I guess in the beginning it’s that initial hurtle of being taken seriously! And I don’t wanna say being taken serious by the industry. Because I’ve always been taking seriously by the industry. But other artists and things like that. Being able to branch out. So finally when I put my foot down and put a stamp on it, it has allowed me to do more things.

UrbanBridgez: You have literally worked with everybody from Nelly to Notorious BIG. What’s one of your favorite memories while working with someone else?
Avery Storm: My favorite memory while working with BIG, was just how the whole thing came about. Nelly hit me saying he had something crazy and when he told me, I was like damn! So we got in the studio and he was just like what are you feeling? So I went in and did whatever I did on that record, I did then. So when he sent that to Puff, Puff jumped on the phone and was like he’s crazy! So Puff jumped on it, so just the excitement of me jumping on a Biggie record. I’m just coming up and I’m about to be on a Biggie record. That’s Biggie! So just how it came about and just fell in my lap, so I had to make sure I did it so it stuck. It was just exciting and just the energy around it was amazing! It still is, it’s like shit I’m on a Biggie record (laughs).

UrbanBridgez: Who are some artists you would like to work with in the future?
Avery Storm: I’d really like to do a song with P!nk! I just think she’s a monster.

UrbanBridgez: She’s a great singer!
Avery Storm: Exactly! When she sings it, you feel it. So I just think something like that would be crazy, if we came together. Of course I would like to do something with Wayne, but I wanna do something like unexpected. Like with the dude from System of a Down, just some random left field joint! it would be crazy!

UrbanBridgez: Outside of music, what are some other goals you are working on?
Avery Storm: Securing my future, and making sure those around me are secure. Just lining up somethings. Exploring the business options, I would really like to get into film. But right now I’m just really focused on this and making sure it’s going to be the best it can be!

UrbanBridgez: What’s next on your plate?
Avery Storm: “Shotgun Love” my album, we’re about to come with my single. It’s called “Not Like My Girl” it’s incredible, produced by the Runners. I’m ready to take over the world!

UrbanBridgez: Any last words for your fans?
Avery Storm: I appreciate everybody who supports me and everything I do. Check me out on MySpace, follow me on Twitter and hit me on my YouTube. Hit me up on any of those and I’ll hit you back. I’m here and I appreciate it!

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