From health to education, CNN’s “Black in America 2” continues to investigate
some of the most significant and challenging issues facing African-Americans.
Airing on July 22 & 23 at 8PM (ET), host Soledad O’Brien focuses on emerging
leaders, innovative community programs and business ventures that are
addressing the most persistent and pressing issues and disparities facing
African-Americans. Here is the trailer and some brand new clips, as well as the
episode summaries for both nights.

On July 22, Black in America 2: Today’s Pioneers will examine the programs and
progress of people working in ways large and small to make a difference. This
is the story of community organizers across the country and the progress and
improvements that they are creating locally.

On July 23, Black in America 2: Tomorrow’s Leaders will look at solutions aimed
to developing leaders of tomorrow. We meet those that have already achieved
heights of power, education and influence. And, we learn how others are
reaching out to the next generation to ensure their success and achievement.

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