R&B superstar Ginuwine has entered Billboard’s Top 200 at #9 with his 6th studio album, A Man’s Thoughts. The album, out June 23 on Notifi/Asylum/Warner Bros. boasts a Bryan Michael-Cox produced hit single “Last Chance,” which has implanted itself in the Top 10 at urban ac and urban mainstream radio helping to make this the #1 R&B album in the country.

“I hope that the concentration Ginuwine and I put into the music makes it enjoyable for his fans for years to come,” says Notifi Records President, Ira Dewitt. “It makes me incredibly proud that my small independent label has earned a #1 R&B album on our very first try.”

“The Ginuwine project has been a labor of love for those involved and now we are all very much looking forward to enjoying the fruits of those labors,” says President of Asylum Records, Todd Moscowitz. “Ginuwine had something to prove on this album and he showed these younger artists why he is one of the greatest of all time.”

A Man’s Thoughts also reunites Ginuwine with multi-platinum stars Timbaland and Missy on the up-tempo “Get Involved”. The Virginia Beach-based trio worked together on Ginuwine’s debut album The Bachelor, which included the sinuous, hit single “Pony”. This time around, Ginuwine has shown prodigious growth, which was noted in USA Today’s review: “Back in his Bachelor days, Ginuwine’s thoughts ran mainly to giving ‘Pony’ rides to as many hotties as he could. On new album A Man’s Thoughts, he’s more subtle, and relationships now tend to last beyond last call at the club. Ginuwine has always been a smooth purveyor of steamy slow jams, but here the sex involves more emotional entanglement, and that can lead to complications.”

Ginuwine has always known that he wasn’t just another pretty boy R&B crooner, but he proved it to skeptics repeatedly with a prolific career, pumping out albums like the critically acclaimed 100% Ginuwine. In between releases, he’s appeared in films, managed a challenging personal life, learned about commitment and the art of raising children.

He’s also toured the world, regrouped with old friends and made new ones, like linking up with manager Kedar Massenburg, who understood the neo-soul vision before anyone else. Together they brought A Man’s Thoughts to life, tapping Brandy, Bun B, Timbaland and Missy for creative collaborations. As a result, his sixth CD is the best yet, combining The Bachelor’s raw sensuality with a healthy shot of introspective wisdom.

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