At UrbanBridgez.com, we’ve been trying to work out the right tribute for the KING — Michael Jackson! One that showcases his talents, strengths and his true legacy. So what better way than to include the members of our sites forum as well as friends of UrbanBridgez.com



As with the rest of the world, the feeling of Michael Jackson’s death hasn’t set in. It’s like being smacked by surprise and hurting after the numbness goes away.

Michael Jackson’s career in retrospect resembles fine works of art – complex, strange, yet beautiful. He had the kind of life musicians this day in age could dream to have. He’s graced every stage possible in all corners of the globe breaking barriers musically as well as racial.

Looking back to the era when MTV didn’t play videos by minorities, Michael shattered the glass with the classic video Thriller. It was everything people didn’t expect from a black artist – edgy, unique, and daring. Not many could have pulled off a video as Thriller during that time but Michael’s determination to reach every demographic with his charisma and charm changed everything.

Uniting us all by the power of music was something Michael always wanted. Even if he didn’t speak the native language of a particular country, when Michael hit the stage people came together singing every single word of his songs in unison.

In many households, especially black households, anything Michael Jackson did became an event. If something was announced on TV or radio talking about a new Michael Jackson video or product, people broke their necks to get in front of the television to see what it was all about. One particular moment I remember to this day is when he dropped the Black or White video simultaneously on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Reminiscing on what took place with friends discussing the event was invigorating.

Michael had his own culture where people dreamed to be like him by wearing his clothes, learning his intricate choreography or singing his most famous songs. Some will compare him to the late Elvis Presley on his magnitude of star power but in all reality Michael was like the big bang creating his own universe.

What I admire most about Michael Jackson was his ability to open his heart to everyone. He wanted to make the world a better place by donating his time and money to important causes. I never saw a kind man who put others before himself in my time on earth.

As lyrics in his remarkable “Childhood” song states “Before you judge me, try hard to love me”, I think people should stop criticizing others when we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. The worst thing you can do to a person is continuously kick them while they’re down. They need love just like we give to our families each and every day.

Despite the personal problems in his life, Michael’s success and what he’s done for music will always stand the test of time. Those who are coming up in the new money driven music industry should really concentrate on making it innovative again.

So instead of trying to be the “next”, try something that makes you stand apart from the rest – that’s what Michael did.

Michael I enjoyed you during your time on this earth and I thank you for giving me some of the best musical years in my life.

A Fan For Life,
CJ “Dhaani James” Daniels – UrbanBridgez.com


Michael Jackson Fans Across the US!

The most memorable thing I can recall about MJ was when I was about 4 yrs old, and my cousins was babysittin me and my bro and they popped a video in the VCR *yes ladies and gents, a vcr* and I discovered Moonwalker, and I was done ever since, I mean I’ve been a fan since I could see. *MJ! LONG LIVE THE KING*
– Brandy Spain, Atlanta, GA

My most memorable moment was getting my first record (yes, I said record!) as a gift and it was MJs Thriller! I also loved to see my cousin Daren stand on his toes like Mike.
-Ashleigh Bacon, Jeffersonville, IN

I wanted Free Willy just so I could hear MJ sing Heal the World… which my I had sang in my elementary school music class.

-Jani Bruner, New Albany, IN

My special memory of Michael Jackson is when i was around the age 0f 13 and i was in the thriller production at my local Boys & Girls Club. I’ve always loved that!
-Jamara Ruff, Louisville, KY

The song ..Gotta be startin something!!” [I loved] dancing my A$$ off!! plus the [many] Grammy’s he won, that one year…w/the single white studded glove!! Geez. He was so huge in the 80’s, my running wild days!! I always loved the song w/him and Paul McCartney…Say, say, say!!….
-Angela Czmowski, Valley Station, KY


UrbanBridgez.com Favorite Michael Jackson Singles:

“Man in The Mirror”
“Human Nature”
“Liberian Girl”
“P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”
“Remember The Time”
“Earth Song”
“Rock With You”
“Scream (feat. Janet)”
“Stranger in Moscow”
“Dirty Diana”


Memories of Michael from UrbanBridgez.com

Watching Motown 25, listening to Michael sing Billie Jean and seeing the Moonwalk for the first time……that is something that I will NEVER forget.

Watching the ENTIRE Thriller video! That dance sequence has been done by everybody, This man changed the music video format from just a promotional tool, to an artistic level that nearly EVERY artist has tried to duplicate. Videos became mini movies, with story lines and huge productions. They became an artform.
– rebel

I have too many memories.

Michael was one my FIRST memories. I have a Christmas picture of when I was about 4 years old. My parents had bought me a framed photo of Thriller….It’s just so hard cuz he’s ALWAYS been a part of my life.
– eijai

I’ll never forget the Oprah interview.

I’ll never forget the famous Michael/Lisa Marie MTV kiss.

I forgot Tyra Banks was in his Black/White video.

Listen to Michael’s “Childhood” he says that is his most autobiographical song ever written. Listen to the words.

Human Nature will forever be one of my favorite songs ever! A gay anthem it is.
– Diddy

I remember making my mom get me a MJ glove when we were at a fair. I wore that thang until the glitter and stitches fell apart. Every other Saturday there would be some kind of special on MTV or VH1 on him and everytime I would be glued to the TV trying to imitate his moves. The mini-movies he made were the best thing ever, to me.

My heart is truly broken and saddened right now….

– LaRonda (UBGteam)

My biggest memory of Michael is concerned with the Moonwalk film. I watched it so often I remembered it scene by scene, line by line. My favorite moment was always when Michael climbed off his bike and battled the claymation bunny. lol And I was never more moved than by listening to the sound and message of “Will You Be There?” and “Earth Song”, the latter of which was attached to an amazing music video.
– balladeer

I just remember a childhood in the 80s consumed by the king of pop! My parents like him but they weren’t hardcore. But I just remember the gold sequined jackets, the black shoes with white socks, the gloves, the long wavy hair. I remember my neighbor we were just about the same age in the early nineties claiming he could moonwalk and we kept rewinding this tape of MJ doing it.

I also remember seeing the Thriller video for the first time. Years after it came out. I think I was about nine. It was the first music video I ever saw. Man in the Mirror probably one of favorite MJ songs as well as Earth Song. That video got like no love but it was fucking amazing.

I also remember the BET awards I think it was 2003 and MJ came out to honor James Brown. Everyone was like screaming and crying. Probably one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever seen on TV. You had the two hugest performers EVER so in awe of each other and you couldn’t tell who was happy to be there. Simply the best.
– llchopsticks

My family has a picture of me at 3 or 4 years old with curly hair wearing a shirt with a picture of Mike on it. I grew up to his music. Whitney was my queen and Mike was the king. He was one of the greatest entertainers to grace this earth and his legacy will live on in his music and through his children.
– silent

Michael was the very first artist I became familiar with as a child when I first started learning about music. I’ll always remember those concerts with the screaming fans…passing out and being carried off in stretchers. I had never seen anything like that before.

Even how thousands of people in countries all over the world would go to his concerts and no every word of every song he performed.

I’ll never forget how he was the only artist to ever have his music video premiere simultaneously on all the major networks.
– JustBreal08

I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was 3 years old. We had the Motown 25 show on tape and I was enamored by him and Diana Ross. They just both seemed so magical. But that performance of “Billie Jean” with the moonwalk is just the greatest thing ever. Possibly the greatest musical performance in the history of TV. Mike was the greatest who ever did it man. I am not much of a crier but I certainly shed some tears over his passing. I’m a lifelong fan of this man. He is one of the only artists whose music truly stands the test of time. You can turn on any song of his and people will party their asses off. Imagine being at a party now. The place would go down. I remember the “Remember the time” video premiere, seeing “Thriller” for the first time, seeing the making of Thriller, watching those all Michael Jackson days on VH1 and MTV. This is a sad day in history.
– armani

I’m still dealing with it, it’s hard for me. Michael was everything! I don’t care what anybody says. I know we all have to go, but I didn’t think I would see him go this soon. It hurts, it’s hard to deal with and to know it’s fact and we can’t go back and bring him back. I love listening to his music, specially with friends. We share memories and just laugh and that feels good. Because he made an impact on so many people, and that’s rare! I will pray that he will always R.I.P. He was incredible and regardless of what ANYBODY says, history has been written and he still holds the records! June 25th, was truly the day the music stopped!
– AriesUBG

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