For Black Music Month, rapper Maino speaks to Aries from UrbanBridgez about his debut release “If Tomorrow Comes,” New York, his essential Hip-Hop albums and much more! June 30th! The album is finally here, tell me about it?
Maino: Finally, finally, finally! This is something I’ve been working on for a very long time man. There are people who have been following me for years, so they know I’ve been out there grinding. I’m just happy I’m at this point man and it’s not going to be a disappointing album I guarantee you! As far as, when you pop that mutha fucka and listen to it. You really gonna be satisfied, ya know. “Hi Haters” was a huge song, when you went in to finish the album, did you have any worries about trying to recapture the success of that song?
Maino: Well, “All The Above” is more successful than “Hi Hater.” Right, but as far as your first single being “Hi Haters” and at that time still working on the album, “All The Above” wasn’t released yet. So with the success of “Hi Haters,” with the shirts and just the success of it all, did you change up anything because then you obviously knew what worked for you as far as for a successful single.
Maino: I kinda kept it the same way I started it, know what I’m saying. I feel like I’m a well rounded person. So I got different emotions and I feel like I got different types of music. My new single is “A Million Bucks” with Swizz Beats. When you look at all them singles, all of them are different. But good in their own way. I can’t give another “Hi Hater,” or another “All of The Above.” I won’t be one of those artists that keeps giving you the same type of music. What was the best part about recording the album?
Maino: Just really to say what I wanted to say. And make the best music I could possibly make. I didn’t have anybody over my head, trying to get me to make music I didn’t wanna make. So I had complete control over everything I did. So when you hear my album, you’re gonna know this is my vision. You’re a New York kid, how did growing up in New York, play apart in your rapping career?
Maino: Well with me being from New York, early on I didn’t have a rap career. I didn’t start rapping, till I had to go to Prison. So I was just more or less a fan, of the old Hip-Hop growing up, you know what I’m saying. We use to listen to like Big Daddy Kane and stuff like that. But I wasn’t writing rhymes back then. I didn’t start writing and actually trying to get a career as a rapper, until I went to prison. What has been an obstacle you’ve already had to face in the industry as a new artist?
Maino: Well right now, when I got home from prison I came in a arrow truck, it wasn’t really that prevailing. So it was kinda like, when it was time for me to go out there and do my thing. I had to open doors and get in places where they wasn’t really playing New York music. So it’s been a tough fight, but I’m getting it done! What’s your thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop?
Maino: It’s all good with me man. It’s an opportunity for me to get off the streets and do something different. And create opportunities for my family and my people. Who are some artist you would like to work with in the future?
Maino: Well for this album, I have to say. I wanted to keep most of the album to myself because I have a story that’s unique. I feel like I wanna tell it to the world and I didn’t wanna have alot of features on there. Off the top of your head, give me the top 3 essential Hip-Hop albums you think every Hip-Hop head should have?
Maino: “Ready to Die,” Notorious B.I.G., “Me Against The World,” Tupac and Jay Z “Hard Knock Life.” What’s next for you, besides the album release?
Maino: I’m out here trying to build a brand man, so you can definitely look to see me in other places. Any last words for your fans?

Maino: Get use to me; June 30th!


“If Tomorrow Comes” In Stores and Online June 30th!

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