The New Boyz road to the entertainment business started off as only a dream. Earl Benjamin, aka “Ben J” and Dominic Thomas, aka Legacy were both born in Los Angeles, California. Neither of them knew each other at the time but little did they know they would later be given the opportunity to become what New York Times quoted “The Young Teens of Hip Hop”

Ben J always dreamed of becoming famous, he just didn’t expect it to be from music. He played football for nine years and was determined to be in the NFL. The same went for Legacy, he played basketball for over seven years and didn’t want anything more but to be on the same floor as Kobe. For both of them rapping was just a hobby on the side. In 2005 they both moved to Victorville, CA. They met there during their freshman year in school, surprisingly from a confrontation which almost led to a fight. But despite how much they hated each other, during their sophomore year in High School, they ended up having a class together. Both of them taking rap a little more serious then before, they settled their problems and eventually linked up to start doing music. Since there birthdays were a day apart ( Legacy, October 12th and Ben J, October 13th ) they put their birthday money together and bought their own studio equipment. In early 2008 they decided to stop making music as solo artists and become a duo. On April 12th, 2008 they came up with the name New Boyz and made their Myspace music page along with their first song “Colorz.”

Legacy, who had no experience as a producer, decided that in order to make more money he would have to learn how to make beats himself. This eventually led him to making the beat for there first HIT single “You’re A Jerk”. This song was based on a huge Los Angeles dance called “Jerkin”. A few months after the song was released they signed their deal with Asylum/Warner Music. With the help of a strong and supportive fan base, the New Boyz are on the verge of making the “NEW” culture of southern California international! But the funny part about that is you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and any other young teenagers. It just goes to show you with hard work and dedication, anyone can make their dreams into reality.

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  1. legacy and ben j go hard and i have a birthday coming up and i want u guys to come to my birthday if u can guys (legacy and ben j) give me a call at 910-988-6994 ok thnxs bye

  2. Irelly like the new boyz because I think the jerk is the best dance I have ever seen and am good at doing it I can dance and sing ana act am 17 about to be 18 when I get 20 am going to be a singer and dance w/ the new boyz and maybe date one of them

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