CHICO DEBARGE’S ‘ADDICTION’ has learned Chico DeBarge will return with his long anticipated album “Addiction” on July 14th. Chico is a charismatic, infinitely, talented songwriter, composer and producer. The first single “Oh No” is a true testament to Chico’s unique rugged yet smooth vocal delivery on “Addiction.” The album is filled with passion and intensity that encompasses Chico’s sensual delivery and style that fans have loved and always embraced.

“Long Time No See” launched Chico to success, “Addiction” will remind his fans that he’s a viable recording artist and they’ll welcome him back into the world of R&B music. “Addiction” infused with rich melodic and soulful production that is sure to connect with the fans and critics a like. Joe and Talib Kweli are also featured. Chico will hit the road with Joe starting on June 12th!

And of course we at have the official tracklisting for you!

Addiction Meeting (interlude)
Nefertiti/Center of The Universe
Oh No
Tell Ur Man (feat. JOE)
Math (feat. Talib Kweli)
Do My Bad Alone
Sick (Addiction)
I’m OK
Medication (interlude)
She Loves Me
I Want You
I Forgot Your Name
Hey U
Chico’s Prayer (interlude)

  1. ATTACK OF THE DEBARGE’S!!!!!!!! j/k, I’m loving the resurgence of souful singers like Debarge, Joe, and Ginuwine.

  2. I’m glad to see him back. His voice is like silk and doesn’t seem like it changed one bit since his previous albums.

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