Tim from UrbanBridgez caught up with Brandy in the wake of her success with her fourth release, “Human.”

Brandy first gushed about her European tour—it has been ten years since she last performed there and she was very excited to be back. Her tour consisted of old favorites and new hits. Another reason for her excitement about this tour is her new found confidence when it comes to performing—Brandy says she has never performed with such passion, energy, and feeling up until this album.

Not to be discouraged by the lackluster sales of her last album in comparison to previous success, Brandy chalks up the “so-called flop” to the fact that “Human” was too deep and personal. Despite this setback, she does not regret recording such an album, as it was a way for her to heal from the accident of 2007 in which a mother of one was killed. She says the album was her way of “releasing the load.” While she feels many people nowadays would prefer to hear club records, she did hear from many fans that this album helped them through hard times and that made it all worth it. Brandy also says that there were a lot of people and politics that went into the process of picking songs for the album, and some decisions she did not necessarily agree with. She did not want “Right Here” to be the first single off “Human,” and didn’t want “Talk About Our Love” to be the lead of “Afrodisiac” either. Brandy actually wanted “Locked In Love” to be the first single. She says that for her next album, she hopes to be “in the driver’s seat” for the next album. Brandy’s favorite album? “Full Moon.”

Brandy has already gotten into the studio for her next album, which she says she hopes will achieve more commercial success. She has worked with superstar producers The-Dream and Stargate, and will also soon be collaborating with Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. Brandy will also be writing on the album as well. She says she would love to work with Timbaland and Kanye West again. She also mentioned her great admiration for Beyonce, and expressed a desire to work with her after she proves that she can still be successful on her own. As for a release date, Brandy would only share that it would be out “sooner rather than later…[it might be out] later this year.” She has also revealed that her and R&B singer brother Ray J will also be working on a collaboration album together after they have each released their forthcoming albums.

Be on the lookout for a new television show featuring Brandy, “This Little Piggy.” The show revolves around a family in Portland that has been affected strongly by the recession. Brandy’s character is extremely materialistic and, she says, the complete opposite from who she is, which is why she loves the role. While it is not definite if the show will be getting picked up, she feels confident about it. Combining music and television is no hard task for Brandy—she’s done it before with successful sitcom “Moesha.” Being a mom only encourages and helps her, because, Brandy says, her daughter Sy’rai inspires her to work hard and be the best she can be. While Brandy was on tour overseas, Sy’rai stayed with her mother Sonja Norwood in California.


  1. I am happy to know that Brandy is doing well at overcoming everything that she has been through. Troubles do pass and thats only with time… I totally agree with her about the Favorite CD was Full Moon. I still play that CD to this day. I can jam to that CD from Beginning to end! Evertime the CD got worn out or scratched I bought a new one LOL! I love all her music but the last CD just did not stick with me that much as I hoped it would. I don’t need to hear all the songs on the Radio to buy the CD but the last one was just okay. I applaud her strength but I do miss some of the
    “B-Rocka” That I have come to love over the years!!! Please don’t stray to far. I respect every artist wanting to grow and I will always support but sometimes thing do a total 360 where its hard to feel the same vibe. Everything will not always please everyone but I will always support her because she is a fantastic artist.