Al B. Sure returns with “Honey, I’m Home”

Image courtesy of Hidden Beach Records

I’m pretty sure most of you all are wiping your eyes but yes that’s the one and only Al B. Sure. He’s now signed to Hidden Beach Records (Jill Scott, Keite Young) and ready to release his comeback album on June 23, 2009. His current single, “I Love It (Papi Aye Aye Aye)” can currently be heard by clicking here. From what I’ve heard so far, it looks like he may have a good release. Check it out and remember who told you first!

  1. Oooh He is Sooo. Wow, he is still looking good as ever. Damn Al B. Where have you been?
    I heard his newest single “I love it (Papi Aye Aye Aye)” and I think He is definitely back. I have heard from someone who heard the CD, that it is GOOD! So I can’t wait to get my copy in my hand. WOO!!!!!
    I Pre_ordered Mine because I want my copy on June 23rd. I have been waiting 17 LONG years.

    Finally some good grown folks music without all the computer sounding voice thingy.

    Thank you for posting!

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