R&B Starlets XXXposed!


May has just begun and it’s already getting off to a scandalous start! Over the past three days two women in music have had their naughty sides exposed for the world to see.

It all started when Ryan Leslie’s former Next Selection protoge and P. Diddy’s rumored love interest Cassie Ventura’s private photos from her cell phone mysteriously appeared on the internet. Rather than acting surprised at the leak, Ventura called the hacking of her computer “foul and evil”. Ryan Leslie immediately denied having anything to do with the leak via Twitter. ” [I] had nothing to do with the recent photo scandal. Would never violate anyone’s right to privacy”, Leslie stated.

Meanwhile, just when things were getting back to normal for Rihanna, pictures of her in compromising positions were leaked on to the internet. Immediately people pointed fingers at her former boyfriend singer Chris Brown for leaking the photos. Chris is also in two of the photos where he’s wearing some female undergarments on his head and the other features Rihanna pinching his buttocks. Neither Rihanna or Chris Brown could be reached for comment.


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