Webstar & Jim Jones!

Webstar and Jim Jones are getting ready to re-shine the spotlight on Harlem! The duo already has New York City on lock (with the help on Juelz Santana) on their smash hit in-the-making, E1 Music single “Dancin’ On Me.” The track is currently the most played song on Hot 97/New York, with an unprecedented 118 spins per week. The track is also being played an additional 86 times on Power 106.

The single will officially impact radio on May 18/19th.

Together, Webstar and Jim Jones will be releasing a full studio album in late summer 2009.

A music video for “Dancin’ On Me” has already been shot and will be delivered to networks and digital portals everywhere shortly.

Jill Strada, Music Director/Assistant Program Director at NYC’s Hot 97 says, “Webstar comes back with some heat…and Jim Jones co-signs the return with his swagg on the track. ‘Dancing On Me’ gets it poppin’ in the clubs and on the radio!”

Webstar adds, “This song is going to be the summertime anthem!”

Jim Jones states, “We need to start getting’ the adrenaline goin’ and this is the perfect song — it makes the ladies go crazy and makes the guys want to get involved.”

Jim Jones needs no introduction. Over the course of 3 solo albums under the E1 Music (formerly KOCH Records) umbrella, he has sold well over 1.1 million copies. His albums also spawned hits like “Certified Gangstas,” “We Fly High,” “Crunk Muzik” and many more.

Webstar burst onto the scene with his 2006 hit “Chicken Noodle Soup,” which peaked at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

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