urFooz Presents Lil Kim’s”Download”Video!

urFooz, the world’s first portable profile and virtual goods platform to be integrated into PCs, plasmas and mobile phones, is featured in platinum hip-hop artist Lil’ Kim’s music video, “Download.”

The new hot single “Download” starring urFooz and Lil’ Kim is currently in the Top 10 on iTunes most popular downloads and has just been released. It has already had even greater success than its first two versions, based on the original “Computer Love” also starring singer in the Gap Band and legendary Soul and R&B Grammy winning multi-platinum selling artist, Charlie Wilson. The first version was released in 1985 and re-released in 1994.

Throughout the video, Lil’ Kim is hanging out on her couch and using her Fooz Avatar and Card to consolidate her favorite music, photos, feeds, videos, and to communicate with her Fooz Friend, T-Pain. The video features T-Pain singing and rapping to Lil’ Kim via an animated T-Pain Fooz Avatar. Acer, a leading provider of personal computing solutions, and FUHU, maker of urFooz.com, partnered together on the video. “Download” can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/cgkjpj.

urFooz allows users to create an avatar and portable profile that contains music, photos, feeds and videos. The service then lets users syndicate their profile on the most popular social networking services and Web destinations using a single account.

“We’re excited to be featured in Lil’ Kim’s new music video, ‘Download,'” said Jim Mitchell, CEO of FUHU, Inc. “‘Download’ is the perfect video to showcase our world class platform for users to personalize, consolidate, and share their digital life.”

“Download” is directed by one of Hip Hop’s top directors, Dale “Rage” Restighini. Hollywood Press and the general media are giving rave reviews of the song and video.

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