BET Centric debuts “Model City” this fall


The BET Network continues to diversify its programming with a new channel geared towards adults called Centric, which debuts this October.

Just in time for the release, BET plans to debut Model City, their answer to the fashion show craze.

Model City features African-American models from Red Model Management struggling to make it in the competitive and sometimes racist industry.

Be prepared for the madness when models Nelson, Art, Salieu, Makin, Shawn, Julian, and Ibrahim take you all on a ride of a lifetime. Experience what it’s like to be an African-American model when Model City debuts this fall on BET Centric.

  1. Even though I’m intruiged about an all male cast for a modeling show, They may want to stick to a formula that will gain viewership of the new channel, i.e. “Make me a supermodel” w/Tyson Beckford (It may not be a competition, but they can at least have both sexes on the show.)

  2. The reason this type of show needs to be done is African-American males don’t get fair representation in the modeling industry. It’s 10X harder for a black man to be represented fairly in the fashion industry.

  3. ibrahim is soo hot your are the best in show and i hope yu get all the jobs. and salieu represent for africa, there arent alot of african models around so be one in a million cuz he is good at wat he does.

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